November 2019 Box
The World That We Knew by Alice Hoffman



November’s Callisto Crate book is the heartbreakingly and beautifully written historical fiction novel The World That We Knew by bestselling author Alice Hoffman. Survival, love, and putting yourself on the line for others and for what is right are all themes that are brought to life in this story of three remarkable women and their stories of trying to live and survive under the Nazi regime in World War II.


The wonderful Fleur de Sel chocolate bar is from Rebel Chocolates. Not only are the characters in this book rebels, the makers of this chocolate use only socially responsible resources, following the themes of the novel. Chocolate is also a decadent treat in the book and was in short supply in WWII.


Food is often in short supply in the novel, and one of the common meals is “hardship soup” or foraged mushrooms. We’ve included this beautiful Shitake Mushroom soup mix from Made With Love in Kamloops, BC to represent the food in the book.


The pair of beehive tea light candles made from bee’s wax from Epic Beeswax in Ontario remind us both the beehives on the farm, but also the light in the darkness that the characters helping the young Jewish children represent.


The handmade alder tea light holder is from Nature on the Inside in Newfoundland. Not only will this be a lovely way to burn your tea light candles, but the forest is a refuge for the characters escaping the Nazis in the book.


You’ll also find a beautiful bookmark with a quote form the book.