Who is Callisto


The Myth:

Callisto is a nymph from Greek mythology who hunted with the goddess Artemis. Artemis required that all of her followers remained virgins; however, Callisto (which means “most beautiful” in Greek) caught Zeus’ eye. He disguised himself as Artemis and took advantage of her, leaving her pregnant.

When Artemis found out, she was furious and expelled Callisto from her group of huntresses. Hera, Zeus’ wife, was so angry with Callisto and that she turned her into a bear.

Callisto eventually gave birth to a son, named Arcas. One day, when he was older, he was hunting and, unknowingly, went to kill his mother in bear form. Zeus saved Callisto at the last minute by turning her into the constellation Ursa Major–the Great Bear.


Why We Love Callisto:

We at Callisto Crate love Callisto for many reasons: her connection to Greek mythology, she was a huntress of Artemis, that she was turned into a bear, and she became a constellation. Bears are wonderful, strong and powerful animals. They are loving and protective but are fierce and strong when they need to be. They embody many of the same values that we hold and look for in the books that we read.


Article originally published July 20, 2018

Coreena McBurnie


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