2019: A Year of Amazing Books & Artisans

2019 has been an amazing year for books, and at Callisto Crate, we featured 12 amazing strong women reads dealing with a wide range of topics and genres. We had fun laughing, crying, getting angry, rooting for, being inspired by, and simply enjoying these interesting stories, delving into the lives of strong female characters written by strong female authors.

Not only that, but we were also able to select beautiful, tasty, and interesting themed items related to these thought provoking and entertaining books with different products made by Canadian Artisanal Vendors. We’ve put together a year end summary.


Strong Women Reads Books



Canadian Artisanal Vendors


We worked with 27 amazing artisans and vendors who provided us with beautiful, quality, often personalized items to match our books.




We’re looking forward to another great year of strong women reads and hand-selected artisanal treats that we can share with you!


Article originally published December 18, 2019

Coreena McBurnie


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