9 Reasons to Buy from Local Artisans

At Callisto Crate we appreciate the value of shopping locally and purchasing directly from artisans. One of our fundamental mandates, after choosing books with strong female characters, is to source at least one of our box items from local, artisanal vendors. For us this means handmade Canadian products. We go to farmer’s markets, craft fairs, search Etsy, and scour the internet to find those interesting, one of a kind items that compliment the books we’ve chosen. We also appreciate people who support us as a locally owned Canadian business. With the holidays fast approaching, we thought we’d put together a list of some of the reasons we love to support local, artisanal businesses.

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  1. Support the local economy. By shopping locally, money is kept in the community and is frequently re-invested in the community because local businesses often shop from other local businesses and increase the local tax base, which, in turn, supports local services and infrastructure.
  2. Buy from someone who is passionate about what they do. Artisanal business owners tend to be experts in their field and their businesses are labours of love. This shines through in their products and the pride shown to their craftsmanship. They can answer questions about their products and would probably love to connect with you about their passion. Often they are even willing to customize something for you.
  3. Local non-profits benefit. Local business owners donate more to local charities and support local events.
  4. Small businesses are the largest creators of new jobs. Small, local businesses are the largest employers nationally.
  5. Small businesses add to local community and character. There is nothing like coming across those unique, one-of-a-kind shops or services that you can only find from a local business. They can help define a community.
  6. Great customer service. In our experience, artisanal vendors go out of their way to be helpful, customize where possible, and make sure the you are happy with their product because you matter to them as a customer. They also tend to know the source and ingredients of all of their raw materials.
  7. Local businesses are invested in the community. They live where you live and are invested in community welfare.
  8. Discover unique and interesting products. Go to the local Farmer’s Market, walk around downtown, or even search on Etsy, and you never know what kind of custom and unique products you will find — one of a kind items full of personality.
  9. You can directly support an artisan. Rest assured, when you buy from local and artisanal vendors, you will make their day. They truly appreciate your business and they probably do a little happy dance.


If you are like us, you enjoy talking to the people who make what you buy and knowing that your purchase will make a real difference in someone’s life, supporting your local community, as well as connecting with someone about their passion.


Article originally published November 22, 2019

Coreena McBurnie


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