April 2020
The Forgotten Home Child by Genevieve Graham


The Forgotten Home Child by Genevieve Graham




Our April pick is the riveting and sometimes difficult novel, The Forgotten Home Child by Genevieve Graham. This Canadian novel vividly explores the lives and history of the British Home children, 120,000 children who were sent to Canada to be nothing more than indentured servants. Told largely from the point of view of Winnie, now an elderly woman, we learn about these largely forgotten children, where they came from, how they were treated, and their contributions to creating Canada as we know it, all in a story of heartbreak and hope.


This novel is a mix of British and Canadian history, symbolized by the Duchess of Earl tea provided by Soulstice Herbals in 108 Mile, BC. This quintessentially British Earl Grey tea is mixed with rose petals, cardamom, and lavender for a Canadian twist.


Winnie's story is both "salty and sweet", so we have included Chocolate, Sea Salt, Caramel Corn from Skippy's Kettlecorn in Kamloops, BC.


Winnie had to be brave to release her shame and tell her story to her family. You can find your own voice with this Canada themed notebook from Paper Canoe Print Shop in Winnipeg, MB.


And to write your story, you can use this lovely pen containing an inspirational quote from Brene Brown.


You’ll also find a custom bookmark with a quote summing up the hopefulness found in the book, as well as an exclusive author interview.